Benefits of CobraNet Technology

Until recently, designing and building audio distribution systems with any degree of flexibility and intelligence has been a difficult and expensive undertaking, requiring large expenditures on wiring, conduit, switching equipment and installation labor. In addition, audio systems such as this using traditional analog technology have the added disadvantage of often being difficult and prohibitively expensive to reconfigure once installed.

With CobraNet networked audio, any audio input can be dynamically routed under software control to any audio output on the network in any combination, providing unparalleled routing flexibility; all over standard Ethernet.

Full remote control over the network is a standard part of the protocol with re-routing of audio easily accomplished via software rather than with expensive re-cabling or use of dedicated analog switching facilities. The network and protocol itself, not expensive cabling or switching equipment, is the switch.

Use of standard Ethernet wiring further reduces costs. Most facilities with installed sound systems include a data network that carries computer files, cash register transactions, HVAC control, security, etc. The audio industry's top designers are now seeing the advantage and value of also carrying audio over this type of network. CobraNet technology allows for the co-existence of audio and data traffic over existing standard Ethernet infrastructure resulting in substantial savings in design and installation.

With previously unattainable routing, control and monitoring flexibility, reduced system set-up and installation costs and professional grade audio delivery, CobraNet has emerged as the technology of choice in digital audio networking.