CobraNet Firmware Version 2.11.10

CobraNet Firmware Version 2.11.10

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2.11.10 Firmware (ZIP, 391 KB)

Changes since 2.11.6 release (2.11.7 - 2.11.9 were not officially released)

  • A buffer managemnt bug was fixed. If the conductor changes during transmission of bundles on a heavily loaded device, it is possible for tranmission buffers in use to remain allocated. This can result in a memory shortage and inability to send bundles resulting in audio dropouts.
  • Unnecessary code was removed. Debug trace code has been removed which was of no use in a released product and only added unnecessary overhead.
  • An error handling flaw was fixed. Some number of non-fatal and fully recoverable errors were being handled as fatal errors and causing the device to unnecessarilly stop.


  • The following CobraNet features are not available on the CS4961xx platform: Audio meters (audioMeter...), loopback (audioLoop...) and duplication (audioDup...) If required, this functionality is easily achieved with DSP Conductor primitives.


  • Packet bridge transmission length must be an even multiple of 4. This is a firmware limitation not a hardware limitation. The limitation has been present in all prior CobraNet silicon series firmware releases.
  • In our lab we have observed a condition whereby a conductor on a network with dozens of active bundles may report BEAT_FLOODED errors and operate erratically. This failure is only a possibility for a conductor that is neither transmitting nor receiving network audio. We believe this problem exists in all CobraNet silicon series firmware releases
  • Occasional loss of audio clock lock (approximately 1 per hr) has been observed on large networks with numerous switch hops.
  • Bundle priority does not correctly control transmission ordering. Transmission ordering is unimportant on switched networks and only of marginal importance on a repeater network.
  • Audio transmission may be inhibited when bundle transmitters and receivers are not turned off (by setting bundle assignments to 0) before modeRateControl is modified.
  • TFTP server will not retransmit a lost uploading data block if the client requests it. Read operation will timeout. Read operation can be restarted to recover. The TFTP server has always mishandled this condition.