HangZhou Theater, China
QSControl / RAVE Make Debut in China

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HANGZHOU, CHINA — The HangZhou Theater, located in the capital of China’s ZheJiang province, has adopted the most advanced QSC technology available.

Via the California (U.S.) company’s territorial agents, PCI-China, they have specified and installed full network audio control and signal transport, using QSC’s QSControl and RAVE systems, allowing the venue to monitor the amplifier status over an Ethernet network.

The hub of the installation comprises three CM16a amplifier network monitors and a pair of RAVE-188S units, with total amplifier power provided from the PowerLight and CX Series models. The theater’s arsenal includes eight QSC PowerLight PL1.5, six PL2.0HV, and four PL3.8X amplifiers. From QSC’s CX Series catalog, there are two CX302, six CX502, three CX702, seven CX902, and four CX1102 amplifiers.

A single RAVE network can now replace hundreds of audio cables, dramatically reducing installation time, effort and cabling costs by terminating one cable for every 64 channels.

Each CM16a monitor offers 16 channels of gain control, monitoring, and general amplifier management capabilities. Data communications are routed between each rackmounted CM16a in the remote amp locations and a control room-based system PC running QSC’s QSControl (pronounced Q’s Control) software via an Ethernet network running on fiber.

PCI-China’s Jack Kong reports that the total investment in the theatre was 90 million RMB (US$10.80 million), of which 6 million RMB (US$750,000) was dedicated to the audio system, which includes EAW sound reinforcement.

“A number of companies were asked to present a proposal and we beat all of them to win this project after a lot of hard work,” he said. The system was installed by the project consultants, Eastern Acoustic Development Ltd (EAD), who are also one of the company’s QSC dealers. Prime Connections Inc. (PCI) provided local technical support.

Continued Jack, “It was EAD’s idea to put all the QSC network control capability into this project. PCI had originally proposed this solution to the theater a few years ago and did a lot of promotion on the idea before the job finally happened. At the early design stage, PCI and EAD made presentations to the end user, showing them the whole QSControl system, and helping them understand the advantages. They were happy to adopt our recommendations.” PCI also provided EAD with considerable technical support during the bidding process.

HangZhou Grand Theater, located in the downtown of city HangZhou - WuLinMen Square, is the city’s most famous building. Originally constructed on a site in excess of 50,000 sq. meters in the 1970s, it was remodeled in 2002 in order to become the main facility for the 7th Chinese Art Festival. The four-story building contains 1,608 seats in its center auditorium.

On site training was conducted during installation, and several months into its use, the venue reports total satisfaction with both the RAVE and QSControl system.

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