Gaylord Palms Convention Center

Gaylord Palms Convention Center

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ORLANDO, FL — At 400,000 square feet, the Gaylord Palms Convention Center is the largest space of its kind in Florida. Engulfing a sprawling floor plan with pre-function, meeting, convention, ballroom, and exhibition space, the facility is enclosed by a transparent glass roof. Allowing brilliant Florida sunshine in to bathe the building's interior, the latter provides inspiration for marketing types who like to tout the imposing structure as a place where holding "the brightest meetings under the sun" is possible.

Timesaving technology found within the space is designed to make events easier, convenient, and more reliable than ever before. To that end, meeting rooms are equipped with professional-grade video, audio, lighting, and networking systems, and the 4,000 square-foot Orange Blossom Ballroom is outfitted with a permanent Broadway-quality stage plus its own sound and lighting. House audio across the board ranging from the cavernous exhibit space to the smallest foyer was implemented according to the tenets of a comprehensive design penned by a Dallas-based team from Pelton Marsh Kinsella (PMK) led by Joe Booher. Utilizing RAVE signal transport technology from QSC Audio Products, Inc., the PMK blueprint managed audio routing chores in a seamless fashion—saving money and time while conquering the center's great distances as well.

"This was a huge undertaking," Booher says of the project. "When we began the task of creating the design, one of the first things we addressed was how to move all the required channels of audio around without relying on massive bundles of copper. Distances being what they are on the property, we also were searching for a way to shuttle signals from place-to-place without degradation. RAVE provided us with an option that wasn't dependent upon any other sub-system for its operation, and saved the expense of providing additional DSP resources which would have been spread out over the area using more conventional methods."

RAVE, an acronym for Routing Audio Via Ethernet, is a digital audio transport system, which dramatically simplifies installation, increases routing flexibility, and improves audio performance. With RAVE, audio can be transmitted via standard Ethernet hardware and cabling using Peak Audio's [now Cirrus Logic's] CobraNet™ technology.

Hundreds of channels of uncompressed 24-bit, 48 kHz digital audio can be routed over a single cable within a RAVE network with no bit-rate reduction processing or other compromises to quality. RAVE additionally supports switched network topologies, within which hundreds of audio channels can peacefully exist side-by-side with asynchronous PC or control system traffic.

When compared to traditional wiring methods, RAVE yields both time and cost savings, as well as reduced cabling, termination, conduit, and installation labor. Available in both analog and digital I/O models, it also can be easily interfaced with a wide variety of analog and digital components without using additional converters. And, because it is Ethernet-based, it can be reconfigured or expanded with off-the-shelf network media and hardware.

"In a certain sense, signal distribution at Gaylord Palms is just as enormous as the building itself," Booher adds without understatement. "And without RAVE as its backbone, the network would be even larger. With convenient RAVE hubs located in key areas all leading back to the central control room, system operators can now distribute audio channels from virtually any source to any other, and even multiple destinations. There's no limit to what can be done—this is truly a fast track route to effective audio management."

QSC Audio Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of power amplifiers, loudspeakers, signal processing, digital signal transport, and computer control systems for professional audio markets worldwide.

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